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Giving Back

One of the greatest things about JBF is that we get to see, meet and serve thousands here in our community. We are excited to be a part of helping so many families save on the things they want and need

After each event, Consignors may donate unsold items and many do! During 2016, Consignors donated over 15,000 items valued over $45,000 to local non-profit agencies in the region. Families Helping Families is the HEART of JBF! 

Just Between Friends partners with a number of groups, businesses and charities who make our events not only a shopping and selling gem for the community—they also enable us to reach more people with more services and opportunities for "good." . We also work with local businesses, giving them a venue within the community to share their products and services.

Charity Partner Highlights

We are happy to partner with a great organization like the
Neighborhood Thrift

In March of 2008, Neighborhood Thrift opened its doors to become a permanent presence in the Target Neighborhood of The Well Community Church. This neighborhood surrounds the Susan B. Anthony Elementary school (located at Blackstone and Olive). After developing relationships in this community for more than 5 years, this step seemed to be one that was needed and would help us to plant roots, becoming part of the community in a more holistic way.

By simply opening up its doors Neighborhood Thrift has been able to take the donations from its local community and the members of The Well to pass them along at discounted rates. The store has become a place where community members in Fresno can work for necessary items and an equal trade can take place, benefiting both the store and its customers.

The goal of Neighborhood Thrift is to employ local residents from the community and provide them with skills to be competitive in the job market.
Neighborhood Thrift has a desire of equipping the community members to strengthen themselves economically. The thrift store seeks to improve the lives of the low-income families by increasing their purchasing capacity and placing economic power back into the hands of the community. The program emphasizes the importance of honorable work and economic empowerment as essential to human dignity. It provides quality merchandise at affordable prices, allowing for a great exchange on both sides of the transaction.
Neighborhood Thrift is set up to improve the community relationally and economically. By selling merchandise at discounted rates (approximately 10% of original retail price) we are allowing the dollar to stretch further in our community. The store is then used as a location where the community members can be strengthened in their job skills and receive training in retail.
The store currently has a volunteer work program set up where local residents are able to come and work at the store for a discount on merchandise. This enables the volunteers to be able to work for items in the store that they would like to purchase. The time spent in the store then allows the volunteer to be able to use Neighborhood Thrift as a reference for future employment. When needed those involved in volunteering at the store can also we taught how to write a resume.


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As parents we all know raising kids is expensive! That's why we have a twice a year sales extravaganza to help families save!

Kids grow so fast, while most budgets don't. Why not let other families purchase these items they outgrow at reduced costs while you earn cash to buy next season items or that family vacation!

Plus, its super fun to shop with friends!